The Escorts: Hits Anthology

The Escorts: Hits Anthology
Title: Hits Anthology
Label: Essential Media Mod

The first ever comprehensive collection focusing on the popular soul band that had the one distinction of being the only soul band to record from behind prison bars This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
1.2 By the Time I Get to Phoenix
1.3 Little Green Apples
1.4 All We Need Is Another Chance
1.5 Look Over Your Shoulder
1.6 I'm So Glad I Found You
1.7 Ooh Baby Baby
1.8 Disrespect Can Wreck
1.9 Let's Make Love at Home Sometimes
1.10 Corruption
1.11 We've Come Too Far to End It Now
1.12 Brother
1.13 I Only Have Eyes for You
1.14 The Shoo-Nough
1.15 La la Means I Love You
1.16 Within Without
1.17 I Can't Stand to See You Cry
1.18 Hypnotized
1.19 There's a Love for Everyone
1.20 Interviews

The Escorts: Hits Anthology

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