The Everywheres

The Everywheres: The Everywheres

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Artist: The Everywheres

Artist: The Everywheres
Title: The Everywheres
Product Type: VINYL LP

The self-titled debut from songwriter Samuel Hill's project, The Everywheres, summons scrappy yet masterful psych-pop. Glowing garlands take shape from a cocktail of Davies odes, Brian Jonestown candidness and nomadic adventures. Swirling guitar wanes smooth to build a delicate, jewel-toned backbone from which peyote induced tambourines and blissed-out harmonies stem.

1.1 Unfortunate Direction
1.2 Someone Disappeared
1.3 Other State
1.4 Watch It Grow
1.5 Cold Curator Sings
1.6 Strangers Below the Wire
1.7 Easy Bells
1.8 Weekend Yellows

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