The Faint

The Faint: Doom Abuse

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Faint

Title: Doom Abuse
Label: Sqe Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 album from the Indie Rock band. Things that don't make sense at first often make sense later; in the creation of art, when the process is left up to the subconscious mind, when there is no preconceived concept, patterns still always emerge. Themes and recurring images, blurred in the moment later become clear. This is the case with The Faint's sixth album Doom Abuse, an unexpected but also inevitable addition to their compellingly unusual catalogue of music.

1.1 Help in the Head
1.2 Mental Radio
1.3 Evil Voices
1.4 Salt My Doom
1.5 Animal Needs
1.6 Loss of Head
1.7 Dress Code
1.8 Scapegoat
1.9 Your Stranger
1.10 Lesson from the Darkness
1.11 Unseen Hand
1.12 Damage Control

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