The Five Satins: Complete Releases 1954-62

The Five Satins: Complete Releases 1954-62
Title: Complete Releases 1954-62
Label: Acrobat

The Five Satins were one of the many doo-wop vocal groups to achieve popularity during the genre's boom years of the mid-50s, and their huge debut hit "In The Still Of The Night" has become one of the most played oldies on US radio over the decades. They began their career as The Scarlets before becoming The Five Satins, recording for Bobby Robinson's Red Robin label, and then the small Standord label, for whom they recorded their debut hit before it was sold to Ember, the label where they made most of their best-known titles, before releasing tracks on MGM/Cub, United Artists and Chancellor in the early '60s. This 56-track 2-CD collection comprises all the titles released on those labels, including their Ember album tracks, from their 1954 debut through to 1962, by which time their main heyday was over, although they have had a long and successful career on the revival circuit in the USA. It's a must for anyone interested in collecting the best of the material from the classic groups of the doowop era.

1.1 Dear One (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.2 I've Lost (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.3 Love Doll (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.4 Darling I'm Yours (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.5 Cry Baby (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.6 True Love (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.7 Indian Fever (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.8 Kiss Me (The Scarlets) - the Scarlets
1.9 All Mine (The Five Satins)
1.10 Rose Mary (The Five Satins)
1.11 In the Still of the Night (The Five Satins)
1.12 The Jones Girl (The Five Satins)
1.13 Weeping Willow (The Five Satins)
1.14 Wonderful Girl (The Five Satins)
1.15 Our Love Is Forever (The Five Satins)
1.16 Oh Happy Day (The Five Satins)
1.17 To the Aisle (The Five Satins)
1.18 Wish I Had My Baby (The Five Satins)
1.19 Our Anniversary (The Five Satins)
1.20 Pretty Baby (The Five Satins)
1.21 A Million to One (The Five Satins)
1.22 A Love with No Love in Return (The Five Satins)
1.23 The Voice (The Five Satins)
1.24 She's Gone with the Wind (The Five Satins)
1.25 A Night to Remember (Fred Parris ; the Satins)
1.26 Senorita Lolita (Fred Parris ; the Satins)
1.27 Shadows (The Five Satins)
1.28 Toni My Love (The Five Satins)
2.1 When Your Love Comes Along (The Five Satins)
2.2 Skippity Doo (The Five Satins)
2.3 I'll Be Seeing You (The Five Satins)
2.4 A Night Like This (The Five Satins)
2.5 Candlelight (The Five Satins)
2.6 The Time (The Five Satins)
2.7 Wishing Ring (The Five Satins)
2.8 Tell Me Dear (The Five Satins)
2.9 Sugar (The Five Satins)
2.10 I'll Get Along (The Five Satins)
2.11 Again (The Five Satins)
2.12 Moonlight and I (The Five Satins)
2.13 I've Lost (The Five Satins)
2.14 You Must Be An Angel (The Five Satins)
2.15 I Got Time (The Five Satins)
2.16 When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano (The Five Satins)
2.17 Your Memory (The Five Satins)
2.18 I Didn't Know (The Five Satins)
2.19 A Beggar with a Dream (The Five Satins)
2.20 These Foolish Things (The Five Satins)
2.21 Golden Earrings (The Five Satins)
2.22 Can I Come Over Tonight (The Five Satins)
2.23 Till the End (The Five Satins)
2.24 On a Lover's Island (The Five Satins)
2.25 The Masquerade Is Over (The Five Satins)
2.26 Raining in My Heart (The Five Satins)
2.27 Do You Remember (The Five Satins)
2.28 Downtown (The Five Satins)

The Five Satins: Complete Releases 1954-62

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