The Four Lads: Singles Collection 1952-62

The Four Lads: Singles Collection 1952-62
Title: Singles Collection 1952-62
Label: Acrobat

The Four Lads were one of several male vocal quartets who enjoyed their heyday in the early years of the 1950s which some nostalgia buffs regard as the golden age of popular music before rock 'n' roll changed the pop landscape for ever. The Canadian quartet began their careers singing at the same Toronto church as members of The Crew Cuts, and originally came to the fore providing vocal back-up for Johnnie ray on his landmark hit "Cry" as well as several later hits. They forged a hit career for themselves in their own right, recording for Columbia, scoring their first hits in 1952, and going on to achieve more than twenty-five hits during the 1950s. This great-value 57-track 2-CD set comprises selected A & B sides of their singles during the era for the Okeh, Columbia, Kapp and Dot labels and features all their 'solo' chart entries from the era, including the Top 10 hits "Moments To Remember", "Not Much", Standing On The Corner", "Skokiaan", "Put A Light In The Window", and "Who Needs You". They were very much a group who epitomised the musical spirit of their times, and in capturing the pop mood of those years, this collection offers an entertaining cross-section of their work

1.1 I May Hate Myself in the Morning
1.2 The Mocking Bird
1.3 Thanks to You
1.4 Somebody Loves Me
1.5 Blackberry Boogie
1.6 I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
1.7 He Who Has Love
1.8 Take Me Back
1.9 Down By the Riverside
1.10 Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
1.11 I Should Have Told You Long Ago
1.12 Harmony Brown
1.13 Gotta' Go to the the Fais Do Do
1.14 Long John
1.15 Oh That'll Be Joyful
1.16 Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By the Sea
1.17 I Hear It Everywhere
1.18 Why Should I Love You So
1.19 Skokiaan
1.20 Two Ladies in de Shade of de Banana Tree
1.21 Dance Calinda
1.22 I've Been Thinking
1.23 Pledging My Love
1.24 Too Much Baby Baby
1.25 Dream on, My Love Dream on
1.26 Moments to Remember
1.27 No, Not Much
1.28 I'll Never Know
1.29 My Little Angel
2.1 Standing on the Corner
2.2 A House with Love in It
2.3 The Bus Stop Song (A Paper of Pins)
2.4 Who Needs You
2.5 It's So Easy to Forget
2.6 Golly
2.7 I Just Don't Know
2.8 His Invisible Hand
2.9 Things We Did Last Summer
2.10 Put a Light in the Window
2.11 There's Only One of You
2.12 Blue Tattoo
2.13 Enchanted Island
2.14 Guess What the Neighbors Will Say
2.15 Woncha' Give Me Something in Return
2.16 The Mocking Bird
2.17 Girl on Page Forty-Four
2.18 The Fountain of Youth
2.19 Together Wherever We Go
2.20 Got a Locket in My Pocket
2.21 Happy Anniversary
2.22 You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
2.23 Two Other People
2.24 Just Young
2.25 I Should Know Better
2.26 Don't Fly Away Flamingo
2.27 Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall
2.28 Beyond My Heart (I Couldn't See)

The Four Lads: Singles Collection 1952-62

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