The Fugs

The Fugs: Tenderness Junction

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Fugs

Title: Tenderness Junction
Label: 4 Men with Beards
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Fugs were the original outsider artists. They released their first recordings on the legendary avant-garde label ESP-Disk in the mid 1960s before signing to Reprise. They combined jug band music, smutty rock 'n' roll, country ballads, Gregorian chants, canticles, Hebraic-tinged sing-songs, and bohemian poetry into a stoned stew of anti-establishment freakouts! This is their first Reprise release from 1967 reissued on 180 gram virgin vinyl with a deluxe gatefold reproduction of the original artwork. Features the classics "Turn On/Tune In/Drop Out" and "Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon October 21, 1967."

1.1 Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out
1.2 Knock Knock
1.3 Garden Is Open
1.4 Wet Dream
1.5 Hare Krishna
1.6 Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon Oct. 21, 1967
1.7 War Song
1.8 Dover Beach
1.9 Fingers of the Sun
1.10 Aphrodite Mass: I. Litany of the Street Grope
1.11 Aphrodite Mass: II. Genuflection at the Temple of Squack
1.12 Aphrodite Mass: III. Petals in the Sea
1.13 Aphrodite Mass: IV. Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite
1.14 Aphrodite Mass: V. Homage to Throb Thrills

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