The Fuzztones

The Fuzztones: Snake Oil

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Fuzztones

Artist: The Fuzztones
Title: Snake Oil

- The Kings of the Garage Rock revival return with an impressive 2 disc set of rare and unreleased material for their ravenous American fanbase! - Features incredible guest appearances by Ian Astbury of The Cult, Rat Scabies of The Damned and James Lowe of Electric Prunes PLUS demo, alternate and live versions that fans will love! - Sleek digi pak design!

1.1 You Must Be a Witch [Demo Version] [Demo Version]
1.2 53rd ; 3rd [Ramones Tribute]
1.3 Face of Time [Original 45 Version]
1.4 Hey Joe
1.5 Lord, Have Mercy on My Soul [Unreleased Version] [Version]
1.6 French Radio Ad 1990
1.7 They're Gonna Take You Away [Lost in Tyme Magazine CD]
1.8 Kick Out the Jams [Live with Ian Astbury] [Live]
1.9 Blood from a Stone [Demo Version] [Demo Version]
1.10 Salem Witch Trial [Psychedelica Compilation]
1.11 Out of Our Tree [Misty Lane 45]
1.12 Help, Murder, Police [Misty Lane 45]
1.13 My Brother, the Man [Original 45 Version] [Version]
1.14 It Ain't Necesarily So [Unreleased Studio Track]
1.15 A Wristwatch Band [Original Version]
1.16 96 Tears [Live Soundcheck] [Live]
1.17 Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio Ad
1.18 Gloria [Live] [Live]
2.1 Bad Part of Town [Sky Saxon Tribute]
2.2 Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye [Live Unreleased] [Live]
2.3 Writing on the Wall [Live Unreleased] [Live]
2.4 Blues Theme 2003 [Davie Allan Tribute]
2.5 The People in Me
2.6 Beg, Borrow ; Steal [Live Unreleased] [Live]
2.7 She Told Me Lies [Live-Chesterfield Kings Cover] [Live]
2.8 Get Naked [Alternate Version]
2.9 Hallucination Generation [Alternate Version] [Version]
2.10 Romilar D [Spanish Version] [Version]
2.11 I've Got a Way with Girls [He Put the Bomp! Compilation]
2.12 Leave Your Mind Behind
2.13 Pipe Dream [Original Line-Up Live at CBGBS]
2.14 Talk Talk [Original Line-Up Live at CBGBS]
2.15 Oh Those Eyes [Ansia de Color Compilation]
2.16 Just Like Me
2.17 Brand New Man [Misty Lane 45]
2.18 Epilogue

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