The Garden

The Garden: Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

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Artist: The Garden

Artist: The Garden
Title: Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. The band is known for their fast, punk-influenced two-piece bass and drum songs, with both their music and image being characterized by "DIY principles, thrift store-cum-glam fashion style and a vast list of influences." The brothers classify their sound as "vada vada," a philosophy which Wyatt Shears describes as "an idea that represents pure creative expression, that disregards all previously made genres and ideals".

1.1 Clench to Stay Awake
1.2 A Struggle
1.3 Sneaky Devil
1.4 Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
1.5 A Fool's Expedition
1.6 Ampm Truck
1.7 Hit Eject
1.8 The King of Cutting Corners
1.9 Lurkin' (Feat. Khalif Jones)
1.10 Lowrider Slug (Feat. Ariel Pink)
1.11 Please, Fuck Off

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