The Gathering

The Gathering: Blueprints

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Artist: The Gathering

Artist: The Gathering
Title: Blueprints

2017 two CD collection containing 24 rare tracks including outtakes, demos and unreleased songs. The recordings featured here are taken from The Gathering's Souvenirs and Home recordings (2001-2005). Includes detailed liner notes from the band. Blueprints is filled with nearly two hours of unreleased recordings featuring former singer Anneke van Giersbergen. This release is accompanied by a 16 page booklet with detailed liner notes written by René, Frank, Anneke and Hans. Mixed by René Rutten (The Gathering).

1.1 Blister
1.2 Alone (Demo)
1.3 Waking Hour (Demo)
1.4 Converted Shuffle
1.5 Shortest Day (Demo)
1.6 Fatigue (Demo)
1.7 A Noise Severe (Demo)
1.8 In Between (Demo)
1.9 Silent Hymn
1.10 Forgotten (Demo)
1.11 Inner Combat
1.12 Box (Demo)
1.13 Mokaka
1.14 Monsters (Rough Mix)
1.15 Zion (Early 'In Between' Version)
1.16 The Intangible
1.17 These Good People (Rough Mix)
1.18 Disarm (Demo Version of 'You Learn About It')
1.19 We Just Stopped Breathing (Rough Mix)
1.20 A Life All Mine (Demo)
1.21 Oil
1.22 Debris (Rough Mix)
1.23 Film Glass
1.24 Out of Breath ('We Just Stopped Breathing' Live Jam)

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