The Gents

The Gents: Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Gents

Title: Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal
Label: Channel Classics

1.1 Ave Maria
1.2 Lord, to Thee I Make My Moan
1.3 Ave Verum Corpus
1.4 Deliver Us, O Lord
1.5 Ave Maria, Mater Dei
1.6 Christe, Qui Lux Es Et Dies
1.7 Christe, Qui Lux Es Et Dies
1.8 Paradizo
1.9 The Sighes
1.10 The Honi-Suckle
1.11 Eliza, Her Name Gives Honour
1.12 Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae I
1.13 In Depth No Man Remembreth Thee
1.14 Remember Me, O Lord
1.15 Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae II
1.16 Eliza Is the Fairest Queen
1.17 A Fancie in C Major from Mye Ladye Nevells Booke
1.18 Salvator Mundi
1.19 Credo Quod Redemptor
1.20 Miserere Nostri

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