The Godfathers: Jukebox Fury

The Godfathers: Jukebox Fury
Title: Jukebox Fury
Label: Ais

Legendary British rock band The Godfathers explode into action in 2013 with the much-anticipated release of a brand new album; their first full-length studio release since 1995s AFTERLIFE. Features the single "I Can't Sleep Tonight".

1.1 Let Your Hair Hang Down
1.2 If I Only Could
1.3 Primitive Man
1.4 The Outsider
1.5 I'm Branded
1.6 A Can of Worms
1.7 Back Into the Future
1.8 I Can't Sleep Tonight
1.9 Mary Baby
1.10 Theme to the End of the World
1.11 The Man in the Middle
1.12 Thai Nights

The Godfathers: Jukebox Fury

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