The Growlers

The Growlers: Chinese Fountain

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Artist: The Growlers

Artist: The Growlers
Title: Chinese Fountain
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP Pressing. The music of The Growlers is unmistakable, with influences as diverse as Ricky Nelson and the Clash. But really, there's simply nothing else like The Growlers sound. CHINESE FOUNTAIN (their fifth full-length set) features eleven songs that are their strongest yet, following eight years in the trenches together finely honing their gypsy folk dirges and psychedelic sea shanties for fans around the world.

1.1 Big Toe
1.2 Black Memories
1.3 Chinese Fountain
1.4 Dull Boy
1.5 Good Advice
1.6 Going Gets Tuff
1.7 Magnificent Sadness
1.8 Love Test
1.9 Not the Man
1.10 Rare Hearts
1.11 Sunset Drive

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