The Highwaymen: March on

The Highwaymen: March on
Title: March on
Label: Jasmine Music

EU-only two CD collection. In the late 1950s, it seemed as though every college in the U.S. was spawning a Folk group, and true to Jasmine's recent releases of this period which include, the Limeliters and the Brothers Four, we now bring you The Highwaymen who hail from Connecticut's Wesleyan University. This set showcases the songs: "Big Rock Candy Mountain"; "Michael"; "Black Eyed Suzie"; "The Calton Weaver"; "Whiskey in the Jar" and many more. It's easy enough to dismiss The Highwaymen as representatives of a brand of Folk music that has gone out of fashion. Their kind of harmony singing, coupled to traditional songs and ballads, has seldom been written of in the decades since their heyday. However, they can easily stand alongside other Folk luminaries such as the Kingston Trio and the Brothers Four and had without a doubt had a major impact on the Folk scene of the early 1960s.

1.1 Santiano
1.2 Big Rock Candy Mountain
1.3 A la Claire Fontaine
1.4 Carni Valito
1.5 Ah Si Mon Moina
1.6 Sinner Man
1.7 Michael
1.8 Take This Hammer
1.9 Au Claire de la Lune
1.10 Greenland Fisheries
1.11 Irish Work Song (Pat Works on the Railway)
1.12 Cindy, Oh Cindy
1.13 Whiskey in the Jar
1.14 Bim Bam
1.15 Eres Alta
1.16 Railroad Bill
1.17 Fiesta Linda
1.18 Little Boy
1.19 Lonesome Road Blues
1.20 I'm on My Way
1.21 Die Moorsoldaten
1.22 Ballad of Spring Hill
1.23 El Rancho Grande
1.24 Fare Thee O Babe
1.25 Mighty Day
1.26 March on Brothers!
1.27 I Never Will Marry
1.28 Away, Love, Away
1.29 The Devil's Away
1.30 Marianne
1.31 I'll Fly Away
1.32 Marching to Pretoria
1.33 I Know Where I'm Going
1.34 Viva Jujuy
1.35 Well, Well, Well
1.36 John
1.37 One Man's Hands
1.38 Cotton Fields
1.39 Black Eyed Suzie
1.40 Rise Up Shepherd
1.41 Nostalgias Tucumanas
1.42 Three Jolly Rogues
1.43 Pollerita
1.44 The Gypsy Rover
1.45 The Calton Weaver
1.46 Widwood Flower
1.47 Johnny with the Bandy Legs
1.48 The Great Silkie
1.49 Run Come See Jerusalem

The Highwaymen: March on

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