The Hilltoppers

The Hilltoppers: Trying

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Artist: The Hilltoppers

Artist: The Hilltoppers
Title: Trying

One of the great male vocal groups of the pre-rock era, loved by the public and critics alike. Includes the million selling "P.S. I LOVE YOU"which made The Hilltoppers a top act in 1953 and in that same year dubbed America's #1 vocal group in Cash Box Magazine.

1.1 Trying
1.2 You Made Up My Mind
1.3 Must I Cry Again
1.4 I Keep Telling Myself
1.5 If I Were King
1.6 I Can't Lie to Myself
1.7 I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
1.8 P.S. I Love You
1.9 Love Walked in
1.10 To Be Alone
1.11 From the Vine Came the Grape
1.12 Time Will Tell
1.13 Till Then
1.14 I Found Your Letter
1.15 Poor Butterfly
1.16 Wrapped Up in a Dream
1.17 Sweetheart (Will You Remember)
1.18 Old Cabaret
1.19 If I Didn't Care
1.20 Bettina
1.21 Time Waits for No One
1.22 You Try Somebody Else
1.23 Frivolette
1.24 Door Is Still Open
1.25 Kentuckian Song
1.26 I Must Be Dreaming
1.27 Searching
1.28 My Treasure
1.29 For Keeps
1.30 Only You (And You Alone)
1.31 Until the Real Thing Comes Along
1.32 Ka-Ding-Dong
1.33 Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
1.34 Until You're Mine
1.35 Marianne
1.36 No Regrets
1.37 You're Wasting Your Time (Tryin' to Lose the Blues)
1.38 I'm Serious
1.39 I Love My Girl
1.40 Fallen Star
1.41 Dedicated to You
1.42 Joker (That's What They Call Me)
1.43 Can't We Try Again?
1.44 Do the Bop
1.45 My Cabin of Dreams
1.46 Chicken, Chicken
1.47 Faded Rose
1.48 D-A-R-L-I-N'
1.49 There Is No Greater Love
1.50 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
1.51 My Ann
1.52 Glad Glad Glad
1.53 Stormy Night
1.54 About a Quarter to Nine
1.55 Bouquets and Kisses
1.56 Without You
1.57 Tear Drops from My Eyes
1.58 Alone
1.59 You're All That I Need
1.60 Alone with My Heart
1.61 Mansion on the Hill

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