Hokum Boys & Banjo Joe

Hokum Boys & Banjo Joe: Ain't Goin' That Way

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Hokum Boys & Banjo Joe
Title: Ain't Goin' That Way

"Hokum" was a term from the '20s used to describe music full of double entendres dealing with sex, drinking and drugs, and thus no respectable person from the period would be caught dead listening to it! This compilation includes 20 tracks from The Hokum Boys, Banjo Joe and Blind Blake, featuring Hokum Blues; Gambler's Blues; Selling That Stuff; Jonestown Blues; He's in the Jailhouse Now, and more.

1.1 Hokum Blues
1.2 Gambler's Blues
1.3 Ain't Going That Way
1.4 Gone Now
1.5 Let Me Have It
1.6 Selling That Stuff
1.7 We Don't Sell It Here No More
1.8 Can't Get Enough of That Stuff
1.9 Only the Blues
1.10 I Had to Give Up Gym
1.11 I Was Afraid of That
1.12 Pat-A-Foot
1.13 Put Your Mind
1.14 Jonestown Blues
1.15 Poor Boy
1.16 Madison Street Rag
1.17 Jazz Gypsy Blues
1.18 The Colored Man
1.19 My Money

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