Jack Quartet: Catherine Lamb: Aggregate Forms

The Jack Quartet: Catherine Lamb: Aggregate Forms
Title: Catherine Lamb: Aggregate Forms
Artist: Jack Quartet
Label: Kairos
UPC: 9120010282102
Genre: Classical Artists

The recording is not an endpoint, but part of a broadening process, a continuous evolution of abstract relationships becoming concrete, erasing artificial divisions between melody, harmony, and timbre, between body, mind, and spirit." (Christopher Otto, JACK Quartet) With her deft explorations of harmony via justly tuned intervals, Lamb's music lifts the veil of the world.

1.1 String Quartet (Two Blooms) (2009)
1.2 Divisio Spiralis (2019): I
1.3 Divisio Spiralis (2019): II
1.4 Divisio Spiralis (2019): III
1.5 Divisio Spiralis (2019): IV
1.6 Divisio Spiralis (2019): V
1.7 Divisio Spiralis (2019): VI
1.8 Divisio Spiralis (2019): VII
1.9 Divisio Spiralis (2019): VIII
1.10 Divisio Spiralis (2019): IX
1.11 Divisio Spiralis (2019): X
1.12 Divisio Spiralis (2019): XI
1.13 Divisio Spiralis (2019): XII
1.14 Divisio Spiralis (2019): XIII

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Jack Quartet: Catherine Lamb: Aggregate Forms


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