The Jazz June

The Jazz June: Boom the Motion & the Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Jazz June

Title: Boom the Motion & the Music
Label: Universal Warning

Available again after 15 years, The Jazz June still stands today as one of the most influential and prolific underground indie / emo bands to date hailing, from our lost millennium. Riding the front row of national tours with bands like Elliott and Built To Spill the Jazz June created an untouchable musical legacy that slowly faded into the background of life after 911, when the US moved into post America along with the collapse of the music industry. A side project by front man Andrew Lowe appeared called Snakes and Music in the mid 2000's but never caught on the way the Jazz June had captured the essence of the second wave of emo / indie. As a punchline, indie label darling TOP SHELF RECORDS systematically helped revive the band in their effort to continue to rebuild legacy 2nds wave emo acts for their roster, and released a new Jazz June full length to much fan fare and publicity in the fall of 2014.

1.1 When the Drums Kick in
1.2 Burn in Hell
1.3 Bullets in the Backpocket
1.4 Intro
1.5 Drop the Bomb
1.6 His Statue Falls

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