The Kalin Twins

The Kalin Twins: When

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Artist: The Kalin Twins

Artist: The Kalin Twins
Title: When

EU-only collection. In the summer of 1958, Herb and Hal Kalin - aka The Kalin Twins - were flavor-of-the-month with the multi-million-selling, worldwide smash hit 'When'. It reached #5 in the US and topped the UK charts for 4 weeks, following which they toured the UK, topping the bill over a newly-emergent Cliff Richards & the Drifters (who were just breaking with 'Move It'). Although the Kalins subsequently made the US charts with follow-ups like 'Forget Me Not', 'It's Only the Beginning' and 'Sweet Sugar Lips', they were unable to consolidate and by the mid-60s they'd called it a day. This 33 track compilation comprises their eponymously titled LP from 1958, plus all their significant 45 releases between 1957-1962, including their superb, yet often overlooked US cover of Joe Browns UK #1 'A Picture of You'. Several of these sides are serious collectors' rarities, unavailable elsewhere on CD.

1.1 Jumpin' Jack
1.2 Walkin' to School
1.3 When
1.4 Three O'Clock Thrill
1.5 Forget Me Not
1.6 Dream of Me
1.7 Cool
1.8 School Bell Dream
1.9 The Spider and the Fly
1.10 You Mean the World to Me
1.11 Tag-A-Long
1.12 Clickety Clack
1.13 It's Only the Beginning
1.14 Oh! My Goodness
1.15 When I Look in the Mirror
1.16 Sweet Sugar Lips
1.17 Moody
1.18 I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door
1.19 Why Don't You Believe Me
1.20 The Meaning of the Blues
1.21 Little Miss Blue
1.22 Loneliness
1.23 Chicken Thief
1.24 True to You
1.25 Blue, Blue Town
1.26 No Money Can Buy
1.27 Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
1.28 Momma Poppa
1.29 Bubbles
1.30 One More Time
1.31 A Picture of You
1.32 Trouble
1.33 It's Just Terrible

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