The King Khan & Bbq Show

The King Khan & Bbq Show: What's for Dinner

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Artist: The King Khan & Bbq Show
Title: What's for Dinner
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Now, I could tell you about BBQ (aka Mark Sultan), his past in bands like Les Sexareenos or the Spaceshits or his solo records on labels like Bomp. I could tell you about King Khan's pseudo-celebrity in Europe, or his past in the Spaceshits, or how his band, the Shrines, are a ten-piece soul-funk revue that have been described as the tightest band in the world. But these names and facts probably mean nothing to you, so let's talk about the real nitty gritty: The King Khan & BBQ Show.

1.1 Treat Me Like a Dog
1.2 I'll Never Belong
1.3 Zombies
1.4 Dock It #8
1.5 Why Don't You Lie?
1.6 Captain Captain
1.7 Too Much in Love
1.8 Learn My Language
1.9 Blow My Top
1.10 Into the Snow
1.11 Operation
1.12 Ballad of
1.13 What's for Dinner
1.14 Suck It and Smell
1.15 Waddlin' Around [Multimedia Track]
1.16 Fish Fight [Multimedia Track]
1.17 Pig Pig [Live][Multimedia Track]
1.18 Mind Body ; Soul [Live][Multimedia Track]

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