The King

The King: Remixes & Rarities

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The King

Title: Remixes & Rarities
Label: Cherry Pop

Two CD set. 2018 collection devoted to hard-to-find tracks and mixes from '80s band King. All the tracks are sourced from the band's 7" and 12" singles and features rare mixes, remixes and b-sides, many appearing on CD for the first time. Disc One features 14 tracks and includes seven extended mixes, b-sides and three live tracks recorded at Strathclyde University. Disc Two features 13 tracks including two single versions, six extended mixes, various dub mixes and a live version of 'Love And Pride'. Where available we have sourced the tracks from the original production master tapes.

1.1 Love ; Pride (Body and Soul Mix)
1.2 Soul on My Boots (Rub a Dub Mix)
1.3 Ain't No Doubt
1.4 Fools
1.5 Won't You Hold My Hand Now
1.6 (Heavy Times Mix)
1.7 Fish (Reprise) (Live)
1.8 Won't You Hold My Hand Now
1.9 (Encore) (Live)
1.10 And As for Myself (Live)
1.11 Won't You Hold My Hand Now (Single Remix)
1.12 Alone Without You (Scorcher Mix)
1.13 I Kissed the Spikey Fridge (Rock Hard Mix)
1.14 The Taste of Your Tears
1.15 (Breaker Heart Mix)
1.16 Torture (P. F. Extended Mix)
1.17 Groovin' with the Kings
2.1 Soul on My Boots (Single Version)
2.2 Love ; Pride (Extended Mix)
2.3 Won't You Hold My Hand Now (The Magnificent 12" Mix)
2.4 Alone Without You (U.S. Edit)
2.5 Love ; Pride (Dub Mix)
2.6 Torture (Single Version)
2.7 Won't You Hold My Hand Now (Youth Mix)
2.8 Alone Without You (Club Mix)
2.9 Love ; Pride (Live Version)
2.10 Won't You Hold My Hand Now (85 Reasons to Hold Hands Mix) (Clean Version)
2.11 Alone Without You (Street Mix)
2.12 Won't You Hold My Hand Now (Dub Mix)
2.13 Alone Without You
2.14 (Instru-Nana-Mental Mix)

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