The Kingston Trio

The Kingston Trio: Extreme Kingston Trio

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Product Type: CD

Title: Extreme Kingston Trio
Label: Silverwolf

The Kingston Trio made history in the fifties and sixties by becoming the only folk group up until then to have hit singles and sell millions of albums. This is their most unusual album as it includes many of the biggest studio hits backed with the live version of the same song. Fans should check this out as it really is an intimate look into the inner workings of this great group. For those thinking about one Kingston trio album, this is the one to get.

1.1 A Worried Man
1.2 Worried Man (Live)
1.3 Reverend Mr Black
1.4 M.T.A
1.5 M.T.A. (Live)
1.6 Tom Dooley
1.7 Hard Travellin'
1.8 Hard Ain't It Hard (Live)
1.9 Scotch and Soda
1.10 Reverend Mr Black
1.11 Everybody's Talkin'
1.12 Mariah
1.13 They Call the Wind Maria
1.14 Hawaiian Nights
1.15 Last Thing on My Mind
1.16 Where Have All the Flowers Gone

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