The Kinks: Something Else: Deluxe Edition

The Kinks: Something Else: Deluxe Edition
Title: Something Else: Deluxe Edition
Label: Sanctuary UK

Something Else by The Kinks, often referred to as just Something Else, is the fifth UK studio album by the English rock group The Kinks, released in September 1967. The album marks the final involvement of American producer Shel Talmy in The Kinks' 1960s studio recordings; henceforth Ray Davies would assume recording production. This 2-CD expanded edition comes with deluxe packaging containing Mono and Stereo mixes as well as unreleased material, alternative versions, BBC sessions and short interviews, all re-mastered from original tapes by well-known Kinks archivist Andrew Sandoval. The booklet was designed by award winning art director Phil Smee, comes packed with rare and unreleased images from the era. Sanctuary. 2011.

1.1 Disc 1 (Mono)
1.2 David Watts
1.3 Death of a Clown
1.4 Two Sisters
1.5 No Return
1.6 Harry Rag
1.7 Tin Soldier Man
1.8 Situation Vacant
1.9 Love Me Till the Sun Shines
1.10 Lazy Old Sun
1.11 Afternoon Tea
1.12 Funny Face
1.13 End of the Season
1.14 Waterloo Sunset
1.15 Act Nice and Gentle
1.16 Mr. Pleasant
1.17 Susannah's Still Alive
1.18 Autumn Almanac
1.19 Harry Rag (Alternate Take)
1.20 David Watts (Alternate Take)
1.21 Afternoon Tea (Canadian Mono Mix)
1.22 Sunny Afternoon (BBC Version)
1.23 Autumn Almanac (BBC Version)
1.24 Mr Pleasant (BBC Version)
1.25 Susannah's Still Alive (BBC Version)
1.26 David Watts (BBC Version)
1.27 Love Me Till the Sunshines (BBC Version)
1.28 Death of a Clown (BBC Version)
1.29 Good Luck Charm (BBC Version)
1.30 Harry Rag (BBC Version)
1.31 Little Woman (Backing Track)
1.32 Disc 2 (Stereo)
1.33 David Watts
1.34 Death of a Clown
1.35 Two Sisters
1.36 No Return
1.37 Harry Rag
1.38 Tin Soldier Man
1.39 Situation Vacant
1.40 Love Me Till the Sun Shines
1.41 Lazy Old Sun
1.42 Afternoon Tea
1.43 Funny Face
1.44 End of the Season
1.45 Waterloo Sunset
1.46 Susannah's Still Alive
1.47 Autumn Almanac
1.48 Sand on My Shoes
1.49 Afternoon Tea (Alternate Version)
1.50 Mr Pleasant (Alternate Version)
1.51 Lazy Old Sun (Alternate Vocal Version)
1.52 Funny Face (Alternate Version)
1.53 Afternoon Tea (German Stereo Mix)
1.54 Tin Soldier Man (Alternate Backing Track)

The Kinks: Something Else: Deluxe Edition

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