The Kinks

The Kinks: The Village Green Preservation Society

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Kinks

Title: The Village Green Preservation Society
Label: Sanctuary UK

Digitally remastered and expanded deluxe three CD edition of their 1968 masterpiece includes a plethora of bonus material featuring original stereo mixes, mono versions, demos, Euro editions, instrumentals BBC sessions and more. It's easy to imagine the confusion with which this manifesto for the defense of the status quo was received on it's release in 1968. The world was in turmoil and the pose of the Street Fighting Man, turned on, rebellious and politically aware, was far sexier than the quaint homebody image The Kinks present here. The title track finds Ray Davies proudly declaring himself a preservationist of custard pies, vaudeville, and such comic book characters as Desperate Dan. To compound the weirdness there's also "Big Sky", a classic Kinks song about God that's not remotely religious, and a rocker about a steam engine. The overarching theme of Village Green... is nostalgia-it's only today, now that many of the things Davies feared would disappear have actually vanished, that the truth and clarity of his vision is apparent. Sanctuary.

1.1 The Village Green Preservation Society
1.2 Do You Remember Walter
1.3 Picture Book
1.4 Johnny Thunder
1.5 Last of the Steam Powered Trains
1.6 Big Sky
1.7 Sitting By the Riverside
1.8 Animal Farm
1.9 Village Green
1.10 Starstruck
1.11 Phenomenal Cat
1.12 All of My Friends Were There
1.13 Wicked Annabella
1.14 Monica
1.15 People Take Pictures of Each Other
1.16 Mr. Songbird
1.17 Days
1.18 Do You Remember Walter
1.19 People Take Pictures of Each Other
2.1 The Village Green Preservation Society
2.2 Do You Remember Walter
2.3 Picture Book
2.4 Johnny Thunder
2.5 Last of the Steam Powered Trains
2.6 Big Sky
2.7 Sitting By the Riverside
2.8 Animal Farm
2.9 Village Green
2.10 Starstruck
2.11 Phenomenal Cat
2.12 All of My Friends Were There
2.13 Wicked Annabella
2.14 Monica
2.15 People Take Pictures of Each Other
2.16 Days
2.17 Mr. Songbird
2.18 Polly
2.19 Wonderboy
2.20 Berkeley Mews
2.21 Village Green
3.1 Village Green
3.2 Misty Water
3.3 Berkeley Mews
3.4 Easy Come, There You Went
3.5 Polly
3.6 Animal Farm
3.7 Phenomenal Cat
3.8 Johnny Thunder
3.9 Did You See His Name
3.10 Mick Avory's Underpants
3.11 Lavender Hill
3.12 Rosemary Rose
3.13 Wonderboy
3.14 Spotty Grotty Anna
3.15 Where Did My Spring Go
3.16 Groovy Movies
3.17 Creeping Jean
3.18 King Kong
3.19 Misty Water
3.20 Do You Remember Walter
3.21 Animal Farm
3.22 Days

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