The Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots: Five Days...complete

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: The Legendary Pink Dots
Title: Five Days...complete
Product Type: VINYL LP

For the first time ever on CD or vinyl, these 2016 recordings from experimental rock icons The Legendary Pink Dots!The genesis of the recording came from a challenge the band issued itself to record, mix and master a full length album in the span of just 4 days, a challenge they missed by just one day!Hours of experimental improvisation went into creating this project in what Edward Ka-Spel describes as a "primeval freak-out!"Available on both CD and as a double ORANGE vinyl set!

1.1 All About Control
1.2 Shades of Sorrow - the Oxygen Tent
1.3 They Shall Not Grow Old
1.4 In Search of the Golden Crest
1.5 The First World Flag
1.6 Beside the Seaside
2.1 Weekend Parts 1-3
2.2 Basilisk 3
2.3 Avebury
2.4 Bling

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