The Louvin Brothers

The Louvin Brothers: Love & Wealth: The Lost Recordings

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Product Type: CD

Title: Love & Wealth: The Lost Recordings
Label: Modern Harmonic

1.1 Spoken Message from Ira Louvin
1.2 It's All Off
1.3 Take My Ring from Your Finger
1.4 I'll Never Go Back (To the Ways of Sin)
1.5 Are You Missing Me
1.6 Coo, Coo, Coo
1.7 Streamline Heartbreaker
1.8 (I'm Changing the Words to) My Love Song of You
1.9 Red Hen Boogie
1.10 Unpucker
1.11 Television Set
1.12 Discontented Cowboy
1.13 Two Faced Heart
1.14 Don't Compare the Future with the Past
1.15 That's My Heart Talking
1.16 I'm Gonna Love You One More Time
1.17 Preach the Gospel
1.18 Born Again
1.19 They've Got the Church Outnumbered
1.20 The Sons and Daughters of God
1.21 Insured Beyond the Grave
1.22 You'll Meet Him in the Clouds
1.23 I Love God's Way of Living
1.24 Love and Wealth
1.25 Bald Knob Arkansas
1.26 Measured Love
1.27 Kiss Me Like You Did Yesterday
1.28 Would You Tear Down Your Castle
1.29 You'll Forget
1.30 Never Say Goodbye

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