Lovers: Pardon My French

The Lovers: Pardon My French
Title: Pardon My French
Label: Tummy Touch

UK pressing of the Sheffield-based duo's sophomore album. With undying support from former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, The Lovers (Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist) bring the spirit, sex and playfulness of prime Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin into the 21st century, updating the French Pop sound. In lesser hands, this would border on parody, but The Lovers somehow make it work beautifully. Features 'Stag Party', 'Chikkaboom' and 'Swing'. Zoo.

1.1 Stag Party
1.2 Swing
1.3 Friends
1.4 John (With the Magic Corkscrew)
1.5 Chikkaboom
1.6 Reverie de Lollita
1.7 When 69 Becomes 96
1.8 Doobeedoo
1.9 Christmas Tree
1.10 Never Win
1.11 Striptease 4 Beginners
1.12 Lovecats
1.13 La Vie

Lovers: Pardon My French

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