The Machine

The Machine: Machine

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Artist: The Machine

Artist: The Machine
Title: Machine

One of the most ultra-rare soul / funk / psyche LPs of all time, 1972's self titled Machine album on Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum Records has fetched thousands of dollars for a mint copy of the original album in collector's circles making it one of the most sought after LPs of the early 1970's. The members of the band were a special group of musicians in that they backed up the creme de la creme of the All Platinum stable of artists including the Moments, the Whatnauts, Linda Jones and many others. Machine consisted of core unit Michael Watson (guitar, vocals); Curtis McTeer (bass) and Donald McCoy (drums) assisted by the Whatnauts (background vocals); Ray Jones (organ, piano); Frank Prescod (bass); Bunch Herndon (percussion); Dee Pridges (trumpet) and Cordy Pridges (saxophone). Presented here is the complete original album, a true soul-funk masterpiece finally available in the digital domain. All selections newly re-mastered.

1.1 Time Is Running Out
1.2 Only People Can Save the World
1.3 Why Can't People (Be Colors Too?)
1.4 Headhunter
1.5 World
1.6 Trails
1.7 Lock Your Door
1.8 Boots in the Snow

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