The Meatmen

The Meatmen: Savage Sagas from the Meatmen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Meatmen

Title: Savage Sagas from the Meatmen
Label: Self Destruction

1.1 Men O'Meat
1.2 Dinosaur
1.3 I'm Gonna Fuck You Up
1.4 Pissed Hot for Weed
1.5 Death Rig 9000
1.6 Anna Moose
1.7 KKK
1.8 Ballad of Stinky Penis
1.9 Dwarves Are the 2nd Greatest Band in the World
1.10 They Just Don't Make 'Em Anymore
1.11 Snecky Presents
1.12 It's Amateur Night at Uncle Bux Bikini Club
1.13 Speed Kills (But It Sho Feels Good)
1.14 Big Bloody Booger on the Bathroom Wall
1.15 Billy's Birthday Surprise
1.16 Rock N' Roll Enema
1.17 Pork Chop and a.22
1.18 12 Soft
1.19 Wizards of the Oblivion
1.20 [Untitled]

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