The Mekons: Natural

The Mekons: Natural
Title: Natural
Label: Quarter Stick

After touring on the back of their twisted non-retrospective "Punk Rock" in 2004, The Mekons picked up their instruments and lost themselves far beyond the beaten path in the wilds of the English countryside. Removed from the restraints of conventional studio technology, they navigate an undulating sonic landscape of lavish melodies, mantric chants, and shimmering acoustic experimentation. This is their first new material in five years since 2002's critically acclaimed "OOOH!" Look for them on tour this fall.

1.1 Dark Dark Dark
1.2 Dickie Chalkie and Nobby
1.3 The Old Fox
1.4 White Stone Door
1.5 Shocking Curse Bird
1.6 Give Me Wine or Money
1.7 Diamonds
1.8 Burning in the Desert Burning
1.9 The Hope and the Anchor
1.10 Cockermouth
1.11 Zeroes and Ones
1.12 Perfect Mirror

The Mekons: Natural

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