The Meteors

The Meteors: Hell Train Rollin'

$18.90 $21.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 02/04/2022
Artist: The Meteors

Title: Hell Train Rollin'
Label: Svart Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Over more than three decades, The Meteors have been fiercely carrying the banner of pure psychobilly. 2012's Hell Train Rollin is a hate fueled juggernaut of mean spirited real rock 'n' roll that steamrolls out of the gate and smashes everyone and everything straight in the face. Songs like "Another Day On Fire" are pure classics, as catchy and thrilling as a ring-side seat to a Hell's Angels knife fight or like Johnny Cash on PCP. With a sneer and a chip on their shoulders the size of Texas, Hell Train Rollin is shot after shot of bangers, double bass thumpers, frenetic guitars and relentless drums that makes it unmissable Meteors at their best. The soundtrack for sacrificial orgies, breaking out of jail, fixing motorbike engines and ripping up asphalt, reissued here on remastered colored vinyl!

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