The Meters

The Meters: Original Album Series

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Meters

Title: Original Album Series
Label: Warner

2014 five CD box set containing a quintet of releases from the influential New Orleans-based outfit. Includes the albums Rejuvenation, Fire on the Bayou, Cabbage Alley, New Directions and Trick Bag. Rhino.

1.1 You've Got to Change
1.2 Stay Away
1.3 Birds
1.4 The Flower Song
1.5 Soul Island
1.6 Do the Dirt
1.7 Smiling
1.8 Lonesome and Unwanted People
1.9 Gettin' Funkier All the Time
1.10 Cabbage Alley
2.1 People Say
2.2 Love Is for Me
2.3 Just Kissed My Baby
2.4 What'cha Say
2.5 Jungle Man
2.6 Hey Pocky A-Way
2.7 It Ain't No Use
2.8 Loving You Is on My Mind
2.9 Africa
3.1 Out in the Country
3.2 Fire on the Bayou
3.3 Love Slip Upon Ya
3.4 Talkin' Bout New Orleans
3.5 They All Ask'd for You
3.6 Can You Do Without?
3.7 Liar
3.8 You're a Friend of Mine
3.9 Middle of the Road
3.10 Running Fast
3.11 Mardi Gras Mambo
4.1 Disco Is the Thing Today
4.2 Find Yourself
4.3 All These Things
4.4 I Want to Be Loved By You
4.5 Suite for 20G
4.6 Double Loop
4.7 Trick Bag
4.8 Mister Moon
4.9 Chug-A-Lug
4.10 Hang 'Em High/Honky Tonk Women
5.1 No More Okey Doke
5.2 I'm Gone
5.3 Be My Lady
5.4 My Name Up in Lights
5.5 Funkify Your Life
5.6 Stop That Train
5.7 We Got the Kind of a Love
5.8 Give It What You Can

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