The Mint Chicks

The Mint Chicks: Mint Chicks

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Artist: The Mint Chicks

Artist: The Mint Chicks
Title: Mint Chicks

The Mint Chicks make spazzy, heavy, poppy music with lyrics about things like sports teams, love, death, obsession, and drug addiction. Turn ons: The buzzcocks, comic books, a clockwork orange, refused, speedfreaks, devo, at the drive-in, flying nun records, public image ltd, bright colours, black, the beach boys, naked lunch, slayer ringtones, pro tools, miles' electric period, grand theft auto, black sabbath, ring mod pedals, psychedelia, roy orbison, and the locust. Playing packed-out venues in New Zealand since 2002, The Mint Chicks (singer and wurlitzer piano player kody nielson, bassist michael logie, drummer paul roper and guitarist ruban nielson) have climbed all the pa's, back flipped off all the drum risers, bloodied all the fingers, scrapped all the haters, broken all the hearts, ripped all the clothing, bashed all the microphones and smashed all the bottles in preparation for the release of their newest and most exciting record: 'crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!'. The Mint Chicks signed to the legendary flying nun records... 'octagon, octagon, octagon' came in 2003, the following year, a single "blue team go!" Came out on the highly respected fierce panda label in the UK (hyped as a 'one minute masterpiece' by kerrang!). They released their second ep: 'anti-tiger'... then 'F*#k the golden youth', their debut album came next, which Australia's blunt magazine called 'one of the best albums of 2005'. "crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" Has been mastered by the legendary howie weinberg (responsible for albums by the white stripes, nirvana, the beastie boys, & gorillaz to name a few) at masterdisk in New York.

1.1 Ockham's Razor
1.2 This Is Your Last Chance to Be Famous My Love
1.3 Welcome to Nowhere
1.4 You're Just As Confused As I Am
1.5 Walking Off a Cliff Again
1.6 Don't Turn Me on Just to Turn on Me
1.7 Funeral Day
1.8 Real Friends
1.9 She's Back on Crack
1.10 Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
1.11 If My Arm Was a Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?
1.12 Sleeping During the Day
1.13 Ammie
1.14 100 Minutes of Silence

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