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The Mint Chicks: Screens

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Artist: The Mint Chicks

Artist: The Mint Chicks
Title: Screens

Screens' took a surprisingly long time considering Kody and Ruban recorded the bulk of the tracks in about four days in the middle of 2008. Most of it was recorded in The Mint Chicks' Portland basement on a three year old imac with a toy drumkit that they found at a junk shop, and was mixed by Jacob Portrait in four different studios around Portland (five if you include the Frank Zappa-esque horns and the-Clean-on-meth organs recorded by Kody and Ruban's Dad in his bedroom in New Zealand). It was recorded and mixed on six different computer screens, and is a considerable step forward from their highly acclaimed last effort, 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!'. The guitar based amphetamine post punk vibes of aforementioned album have been replaced with a processed synth based sound complete with minimal drum patterns and short bursts of guitar twangs. If you can imagine Alan Vega's 'Collision Drive' being covered by Animal Collective or some impossibly obscure US underground band such as the Ana.

1.1 Red, White or Blue
1.2 2010
1.3 Hot on Your Heels
1.4 Don't Sell Your Brain Out, Baby
1.5 I Can't Stop Being Foolish
1.6 What a Way
1.7 Screens
1.8 Sweet Janine
1.9 Telephone
1.10 Enemies
1.11 Life Will Get Better Some Day

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