The Monks: Hamburg Recordings 1967

The Monks: Hamburg Recordings 1967
Title: Hamburg Recordings 1967
Label: Third Man Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The Monks - a strange, rare group with a story that sounds like a drunk friend's generous hyperbole. A group of American G.I.s stationed in Germany on the precipice of Western cultural revolution starts playing music loosely connected to the rock n' roll craze, contrastingly incorporating a critical and often offensive avant-garde edge. Nothing was off limits - screeching vocals, dark aesthetics, staccato-strummed banjo, sardonic lyricism, critiques of the Vietnam War and full monk costuming down to the tonsure. When viewed on the whole, it seems like an art school student's senior thesis on what the craze means and it's future possibilities. Due in large part to original Polydor vinyl collectability and years in the word-of-mouth hype machine, their legend and cult status has steadily blossomed since their last shows in 1967.

1.1 A New World 0:57
1.2 Altered Beast I 2:24
1.3 Alter Me I 0:46
1.4 Altered Beast II 4:29
1.5 Alter Me II 1:26
1.6 Altered Beast III 2:15
1.7 Alter Me III 1:26
1.8 Altered Beast IV 5:11
1.9 Life / Death 0:59
1.10 Some Context 0:17
1.11 The Reticent Raconteur 1:05
2.1 The Lord of Lightning 5:08
2.2 The Balrog 4:29
2.3 The Floating Fire 1:54
2.4 The Acrid Corpse 1:01
2.5 Welcome to An Altered Future 0:55
2.6 Digital Black 2:47
2.7 Han-Tyumi, the Confused Cyborg 2:22
2.8 Soy-Protein Munt Machine 0:31
2.9 Vomit Coffin 2:19
2.10 Murder of the Universe 4:10

The Monks: Hamburg Recordings 1967

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