The Monochrome Set

The Monochrome Set: Super Plastic City

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Monochrome Set
Title: Super Plastic City

If Super Plastic City were the product of a bunch of twenty-somethings it would be hailed as the Second Coming, nominated for prizes galore and be heard pumping out of radios and ear goggles, and rightly so. For the record, then, the band's ages vary from 18 to 23, they come from Venus, this is really their debut album, and you'll know it to be the best album of 2013 once you've heard it.

1.1 Super Plastic City
1.2 The Time I've Spent Doing Nothing
1.3 If I Could Be Woebegone
1.4 Lefty
1.5 I Deream of Spring
1.6 Strange Young Alien
1.7 Handed-Down Memory
1.8 Isn't It a Wonderful Life
1.9 Dark Red Rose
1.10 Turn It Off
1.11 Rotten Ralph's Custard Carnival

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