The Moody Blues: 5 Classic Albums

The Moody Blues: 5 Classic Albums
Title: 5 Classic Albums
Label: Spectrum Audio

Each one of these 1969-72 LPs saw these UK art-rockers take a bigger step toward the top of the U.S. charts: "On the Threshold of a Dream" (#20), "To Our Children's Children" (#14), "A Question of Balance" (#3), "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" (#2) and "Seventh Sojourn" (#1). Lushly orchestrated psychedelia, beautiful ballads and hard-hitting rockers abound across their hits "Isn't Life Strange" and "I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band)" plus "Lovely to See You," "Dear Diary," "Higher and Higher," "Out and In," "Question," "Dawning Is the Day," "The Story in Your Eyes," "Emily's Song," "For My Lady" and more! Universal UK.

1.1 In the Beginning
1.2 Lovely to See You
1.3 Dear Diary
1.4 Send Me No Wine
1.5 To Share Our Love
1.6 So Deep Within You
1.7 Never Comes the Day
1.8 Lazy Day
1.9 Are You Sitting Comfortably
1.10 The Dream
1.11 Have You Heard (Part 1)
1.12 The Voyage
1.13 Have You Heard (Part 2)
2.1 Higher and Higher
2.2 Eyes of a Child I
2.3 Floating
2.4 Eyes of a Child II
2.5 I Never Thought I'd Live to Be a Hundred
2.6 Beyond
2.7 Out and in
2.8 Gypsy
2.9 Eternity Road
2.10 Candle of Life
2.11 Sun Is Still Shining
2.12 I Never Thought I'd Live to Be a Million
2.13 Watching and Waiting
3.1 Question
3.2 How Is It (We Are Here)
3.3 And the Tide Rushes in
3.4 Don't You Feel Small
3.5 Tortoise and the Hare
3.6 It's Up to You
3.7 Minstrel's Song
3.8 Dawning Is the Day
3.9 Melancholy Man
3.10 The Balance
4.1 Procession
4.2 The Story in Your Eyes
4.3 Our Guessing Game
4.4 Emily's Song
4.5 After You Came
4.6 One More Time to Live
4.7 Nice to Be Here
4.8 You Can Never Go Home
4.9 My Song
5.1 Lost in a Lost World
5.2 New Horizons
5.3 For My Lady
5.4 Isn't Life Strange
5.5 You and Me
5.6 The Land of Make Believe
5.7 When You're a Free Man
5.8 I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)

The Moody Blues: 5 Classic Albums

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