The Motels

The Motels: Apocalypso

$14.60 $16.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: The Motels

Title: Apocalypso
Label: Omnivore Recordings

Pulled from the vaults in time for it's 30th Anniversary! Featuring the original versions of "Only The Lonely," "Mission Of Mercy," and "So L.A.", The CD includes bonus demos and more!

1.1 Art Fails
1.2 Tragic Surf
1.3 Only the Lonely
1.4 Schneekin
1.5 So L.A
1.6 Apocalypso
1.7 Mission of Mercy
1.8 Lost But Not Forgotten
1.9 Who Could Resist That Face
1.10 Sweet Destiny
1.11 Art Fails [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
1.12 Don't You
1.13 Tragic Surf [4-Track Demo] [Demo Version]
1.14 Fiasco [4-Track Demo] [Demo Version]
1.15 Obvioso [4-Track Demo] [Demo Version]
1.16 Only the Lonely [4-Track Demo] [Demo Version]
1.17 [Untitled]

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