The Native Howl

The Native Howl: Out Of The Garden And Into The Darkness

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Native Howl

Title: Out Of The Garden And Into The Darkness
Label: Clean As Dirt

2018 release. The Native Howl are four brothers, bonded in music, from Metro-Detroit, MI. Through their self-started label Clean as Dirt Records, they utilize their wide variety of musical influences to record and perform many different styles, the most prominent being their newly-invented genre Thrash Grass.

1.1 Into the Darkness
1.2 Mercy
1.3 Withikaw
1.4 Reivaeh
1.5 Somethin' Else
1.6 Concept of Love
1.7 The Ballad of John James
1.8 Pappy
2.1 I Shot An Arrow/Street Without Joy
2.2 L.N.4.T.W
2.3 Snuff Out the Light (Interlude)
2.4 Festive Dog
2.5 Demolition
2.6 So Near
2.7 The Vast Divide
2.8 Out of the Garden

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