The Nazz

The Nazz: The Complete Nazz

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Nazz

Title: The Complete Nazz
Label: Purple Pyramid

For the first time ever, all the recordings of Todd Rundgren's late '60s psych rock band Nazz are collected together in one far out 3CD box set!Includes all 3 commercially released studio albums plus tons of bonus material!Packaged in a high quality clam shell box with individual replication sleeves for the CDs and two sets of liner notes detailing the history of the band with images and words!

1.1 Open My Eyes
1.2 Back of Your Mind
1.3 See What You Can Be
1.4 Hello, It's Me
1.5 Wildwood Blues
1.6 If That's the Way You Feel
1.7 Then I Get My Plane
1.8 Lemming Song
1.9 Crowded
1.10 She's Goin' Down
1.11 Nazz Radio Commercials
1.12 Train Kept a Rollin' (Album Outtake)
1.13 Magic Me (Audition Tape)
1.14 See What You Can Be (Audition Tape)
1.15 Hello, It's Me (Demo)
1.16 Crowded (Demo)
1.17 Open My Eyes (Non-Phased Demo)
1.18 Lemming Song (Demo)
1.19 The Nazz Are Blue (Live)
1.20 Why Is It Me (Woody's Truck Stop Version)
1.21 Hello, It's Me (Mono Single Mix)
1.22 Open My Eyes (Mono Single Mix)
2.1 Forget All About It
2.2 Not Wrong Long
2.3 Rain Rider
2.4 Gonna Cry Today
2.5 Meridian Leeward
2.6 Under the Ice
2.7 Hang on Paul
2.8 Kiddie Boy
2.9 Featherbedding Lover
2.10 Letters Don't Count
2.11 A Beautiful Song
2.12 Not Wrong Long (Extended Beginning)
2.13 Love Everywhere (Album Outtake)
2.14 Sing a Song (Album Outtake)
2.15 Sydney's Lunchbox (Album Outtake)
2.16 Letters Don't Count (Todd Vocal)
2.17 Meridian Leeeward (Alternate Version)
2.18 Not Wrong Long (Mono Single Mix)
2.19 Under the Ice (Mono Single Mix)
3.1 Some People
3.2 Only One Winner
3.3 Kicks
3.4 Resolution
3.5 It's Not That Easy
3.6 Old Time Lovemaking
3.7 Magic Me
3.8 Loosen Up
3.9 Take the Hand
3.10 How Can You Call That Beautiful?
3.11 Plenty of Lovin'
3.12 Christopher Columbus
3.13 You Are My Window
3.14 Magic Me (Alternate Version)
3.15 Resolution (Todd Vocal)
3.16 Only One Winner (Todd Vocal)
3.17 It's Not That Easy (Todd Vocal)
3.18 Take the Hand (Todd Vocal)
3.19 How Can You Call That Beautiful? (Todd Vocal)
3.20 Forget All About It (Todd Vocal)
3.21 Kicks (Long Version)
3.22 Some People (Mono Single Mix)
3.23 Magic Me (Single Mix)

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