The New Lost City Ramblers

The New Lost City Ramblers: Early Years 1958-62

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Artist: The New Lost City Ramblers
Title: Early Years 1958-62

The first, and certainly the most prominent of the old timey revival bands! This outstanding collection includes 26 cuts from 12 albums by the original band, which included Mike Seeger, John Cohen and Tom Paley. Over 70 minutes of music in all!

1.1 Colored Aristocracy
1.2 Hopalong Peter
1.3 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
1.4 When First Unto This Country
1.5 Sales Tax on Women
1.6 Rabbit Chase
1.7 Leaving Home
1.8 How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
1.9 Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again
1.10 I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
1.11 The Old Fish Song
1.12 The Battleship of Maine
1.13 No Depression in Heaven
1.14 Dallas Rag
1.15 Bill Morgan and His Gal
1.16 Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
1.17 Lady of Carlisle
1.18 Brown's Ferry Blues
1.19 My Long Journey Home
1.20 Talking Hard Luck
1.21 The Teetotals
1.22 Sal Got a Meatskin
1.23 Railroad Blues
1.24 On Some Foggy Mountain Top
1.25 My Sweet Farm Girl
1.26 Crow Black Chicken

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