The Newcomers: Stax & Volt Recordings 1969 - 1974

The Newcomers: Stax & Volt Recordings 1969 - 1974
Title: Stax & Volt Recordings 1969 - 1974
Label: Ace Records Import

2013 collection. Memphis quartet (later trio) The Newcomers were with Stax for over five years but released just six singles during their entire tenure. Originally led on vocals by cult favorite Randy Brown and later by ex-Tempree Terry Bartlett, the group also demoed more than enough songs for a complete album, but one was never forthcoming. Until now, that is. Stax.

1.1 Girl This Boy Loves You
1.2 Open Up Your Heart (Let Me in)
1.3 You Put the Sunshine Back in My World
1.4 Still a Boy in My Heart
1.5 Pin the Tail on the Donkey
1.6 Mannish Boy
1.7 The Martian Hop
1.8 Humpty Dumpty
1.9 Keep An Eye on Your Close Friends
1.10 Too Little in Common to Be Lovers (Too Much Going to Say Goodbye)
1.11 The Whole World Is a Picture Show
1.12 Betcha Can't Guess Who
1.13 See Saw Lovin'
1.14 Reaching the Age
1.15 The Face of a Clown (Demo)
1.16 It's Me Who Loves You (Demo)
1.17 I Don't Want to Lose You (Demo)
1.18 She's Gone (Demo)
1.19 Since You Don't Care (Demo)
1.20 Spare Me the Hurt of Losing You (Demo)
1.21 What a Girl I've Got Lovin' Me (Demo)
1.22 Stop By Here (Demo)
1.23 The Exit (Demo)
1.24 Sweet Purity (Demo)

The Newcomers: Stax & Volt Recordings 1969 - 1974

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