The Noise: Scars We Hide

The Noise: Scars We Hide
Title: Scars We Hide
Label: Pirate Press Records

Following up their recent full length The Real Enemy, there has been a lot of interest in NOi!SE's back catalog, much of which is out of press. Pirates Press Records is really excited to fill that void, bringing you this remixed and re-mastered version of the Washington based powerhouse's debut LP. Originally released in 2014, and now long out of print, The Scars We Hide is a huge part of what put this band on the map. Start to finish the album solidified the band's sound - pairing those riveting drums, insane bass lines, and great leads with a true verbal assault. Coming off their first jaunt over to Europe, and countless local shows and weekenders, NOi!SE is at the top of their game. While touring full-time pretty much off the table due to family obligations and Matt Henson's role in the US Army, they are excited to announce a series of upcoming shows and mini-tours for 2018.

1.1 Rank and File
1.2 Glass Half Empty
1.3 The Truth
1.4 So I Drift Away
1.5 Silenced Voices
1.6 Statistic
1.7 Pawn in the Game
1.8 Plastic Friends
1.9 How We Made It Through
1.10 Bottom of the Barrel
1.11 Different Road
1.12 The Future's Waitin

The Noise: Scars We Hide

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