The Nolans

The Nolans: Chemistry: Ultimate Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Nolans

Title: Chemistry: Ultimate Collection
Label: Hotshot Records

Deluxe CD + PAL/Region 2 DVD edition. Hot Shot Records is proud to present The Nolans - Chemistry: The Ultimate Collection. Newly remastered and presented in a super-jewel case complete with an inter-view with Anne Nolan, the collection is a must for all pop, soul and disco fans. The Nolans are one of the most successful girl groups of all time in the UK chart history. Chemistry: The Ultimate Collection covers their most commercially successful period and offers a look at the more soulful side of the group than previous compilations. Twenty of their classic tracks released on Epic Records between 1979 and 1983 are joined by a bonus dance remix as well as a DVD featuring all of their promotional videos together for the very first time. Chemistry: The Ultimate Collection has been freshly remastered from the first generation master tapes and offers a much superior sound quality than earlier CD collections.

1.1 Dressed to Kill
1.2 Chemistry
1.3 Who's Gonna Rock You
1.4 I'm in the Mood for Dancing
1.5 Attention to Me
1.6 Every Home Should Have One
1.7 Don't Love Me Too Hard
1.8 Don't Make Waves
1.9 Spirit, Body and Soul
1.10 Gotta Pull Myself Together
1.11 Dragonfly
1.12 Sexy Music
1.13 Crashing Down
1.14 How Do I Survive
1.15 Lead Me on
1.16 Every Little Thing
1.17 I'm Never Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again
1.18 It Could Have Been Your Love Too
1.19 A Simple Case of Loving You
1.20 Take It Through the Night
1.21 Dressed to Kill (12" Extended Dance Mix)
2.1 I'm in the Mood for Dancing (Video Clip, 1979)
2.2 Gotta Pull Myself Together (Video Clip, 1980)
2.3 Who's Gonna Rock You (Video Clip, 1980)
2.4 Attention to Me (Video Clip, 1981)
2.5 Sexy Music (Video Clip, 1981)
2.6 Chemistry (Video Clip, 1981)
2.7 Don't Love Me Too Hard (Video Clip, 1982)
2.8 Dragonfly (Video Clip, 1982)

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