Olympics: Doin the Hully Gully / Dance By the Light of

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Artist: Olympics

Artist: Olympics
Title: Doin the Hully Gully / Dance By the Light of

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from arguably one of the most underrated R&B vocal groups of all time: Doin' the Hully Gully and Dance By the Light of the Moon. With their humorous lyrics, funny voices, and up-tempo beats, the band's style was reminiscent of the Coasters. These two essential albums have been packaged together in this very special collector's edition, which also includes five bonus tracks from the same period. All of these great songs, most of them penned by the team of Fred Smith and Cliff Goldsmith, were propelled by the strong performances of the vocal-harmony quartet, often with funny recurring lines produced/repeated by the bass voice, and fairly simple arrangements that relied heavily on strong rhythms. There's no better proof of The Olympics' talents than these funny, energetic and sensational recordings. Hoo Doo Records.

1.1 (Baby) Hully Gully 3:39
1.2 Big Boy Pete 2:13
1.3 Stay Away from Joe 2:31
1.4 The Slop 2:14
1.5 What'd I Say 4:07
1.6 Boo-Dee Green 2:23
1.7 Private Eye 2:30
1.8 Dodge City 2:56
1.9 Dance By the Light of the Moon 2:17
1.10 Workin' Hard 2:03
1.11 Big Chief Little Puss 2:15
1.12 Stay Where You Are 2:19
1.13 Peanut Butter (By the Marathons) 2:26
1.14 Little Pedro 1:52
1.15 I'll Never Fall in Love 2:13
1.16 Dooley 2:26
1.17 Shimmy Like Kate 2:49
1.18 The Stomp 2:11
1.19 Pony Time 2:28
1.20 Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha 2:36
1.21 Hoochie Coochie Coo 2:26
1.22 Party Pooper 2:03

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