The Orb

The Orb: Orblivion

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Artist: The Orb

Artist: The Orb
Title: Orblivion

With the rise during the past year of such artists as Orbital, Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy and Underworld, the timing couldn't be better for the new album from The Orb, the musical collective centered around founder Alex Paterson. From their club masterpiece, "Little Fluffy Clouds," and their groundbreaking debut album to 1995's Orbus Terrarum, the group has maintained an ever-evolving approach to "Electronica," always one step ahead of the rest of the ambient pack. First single/video: "Oxygen." [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand].

1.1 Delta MK II
1.2 Ubiquity
1.3 Asylum
1.4 Bedouin
1.5 Molten Love
1.6 Pi
1.7 S.A.L.T
1.8 Toxygene
1.9 Log of Deadwood
1.10 Secrets
1.11 Passing of Time
1.12 72

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