The Order: Supreme Hypocrisy

The Order: Supreme Hypocrisy
Title: Supreme Hypocrisy
Label: Massacre

Especially after the last two albums focused primarily on fun and memories of the guitar heroes of the youth, The Order are showing a more serious side on their new album "Supreme Hypocrisy" - it's harder, more melancholic, more thoughtful. On "Supreme Hypocrisy", the Swiss reflect on their wild roots and strengths from the early days and are still not influenced by expectations and attempts to categorize them. Everything else would be hypocritical!

1.1 The Show
1.2 Supreme Hypocrisy
1.3 Back to Reality
1.4 Dreams Are Not the Same
1.5 Save Yourself
1.6 No Messiah
1.7 August in Miami
1.8 Where I Come from
1.9 Sometimes
1.10 Only the Good Die Young

The Order: Supreme Hypocrisy

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