The Outer Vibe

The Outer Vibe: Monster EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Outer Vibe

Title: Monster EP
Label: The Outer Vibe

The Outer Vibe Monster EP Review By: Mike Canter at Sonic Jive The Outer Vibe's sound is an innovative take on rock music's most timeless elements, which pays tribute to the voice that screamed out in the 1960's and 70's for change and freedom. This is the third release for The Outer Vibe, following Games We Play, released in 2006 and Pretty Good which was released in 2004. Never has the band sounded more confident, combining an amped up, crazed-inventiveness with expressive and expansive range and a little more psychedelia than their previous releases. This is good stuff. The EP opens with 'We Created A Monster', a faced paced, up tempo number that is pure fury and hysteria and includes a signature 'scream'. followed by a flurry of extravagance and spectacle that is breathtaking. Taking a stab at greed and the self-fulfilling prophecy that we have become, this song is by far the Outer Vibe's best effort yet. There is so much going on instrumentally but it all fits, from the marked changes in tempo, the pauses, tremendous percussion from Jeff Brems, and yes, the aforementioned scream. I can't imagine what it was like to create this arrangement but it had to be fun. This is what music should be. 'On The Run' is a catchy song that fits perfectly following 'Monster' - reminiscent of some of the best indie rock from the 1990's, but with a hint of 70's psychedelia power pop (think 'Love Is Like Oxygen' by Sweet or ELO when they were at their symphonic apex). Again, the arrangement and instrumentation are top notch and Sean Zuidgeest is at his best vocally here, showing tremendous range and sustain. The song builds in intensity reaching an unparalleled crescendo and a very strong finish. 'Dance Around' makes a great case for the EP's first single, built on and around a strong foundation of keyboards and trumpet, highlighting the tremendous musicianship of Lisa Kacos. That is not to diminish everything else that is going on here; indeed the guitar work of Nick Horsford is absolutely rousing and Zuidgeest is again stellar. If that is not enough, Andrew Dornoff's bass work is genuinely bloodthirsty here - he may need to be chained up! This is cabaret-style progressiveness that is definitely the highlight of the EP. The final song on The Monster EP is 'Your Girlfriend's A Witch'. Stunning. Nick is AMAZING on his guitar solo, which for lack of a better word is absolutely incendiary. A white-hot performance with all-star efforts from the entire band. Again, percussion and rhythm really stand out on this track. This is frenzied energy at it's controlled best. In fact, I am amazed at the way the Outer Vibe seems to be in control, with near surgical precision no less, of their own musical chaos. This is a five-star effort - all tracks are highly enjoyable and the EP carries a SonicJive. MUST HAVE recommendation. You will absolutely love the single 'On The Run'. Get this EP right away.

1.1 We've Created a Monster
1.2 On the Run
1.3 Dance Around
1.4 Your Girlfriend's a Witch

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