The Outlaws: Best Of

The Outlaws: Best Of
Title: Best Of
Label: Not Now Uk

When rock and roll came along, we knew that the Brits couldn't compete with the Americans. In some cases we had the talent but until the Beatles and the beat boom in 1963, the performers had to battle with staid and safe productions made by men in white coats at EMI, Decca, Philips and Pye Records.

1.1 Ambush
1.2 Swingin' Low
1.3 Valley of the Sioux
1.4 Indian Brave
1.5 Rodeo
1.6 Barbecue
1.7 Husky Team
1.8 Homeward Bound
1.9 The Outlaws
1.10 Fort Knox
1.11 Crazy Drums
1.12 Sioux Serenade
1.13 Last Stage West
1.14 Western Sunset
2.1 Ku-Pow!
2.2 Dream of the West
2.3 Smoke Signals
2.4 Spring Is Near
2.5 Tune for Short Cowboys
2.6 Don't You Think It's Time - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.7 Every Little Kiss - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.8 What's the Matter - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.9 Loneliness - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.10 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.11 My Baby Doll - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.12 Tribute to Buddy Holly - Mike Berry (With the Outlaws)
2.13 Poppin' (Part 1) - the Chaps
2.14 Poppin' (Part 2) - the Chaps

The Outlaws: Best Of

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