The Pine Hill Haints

The Pine Hill Haints: Smoke

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Artist: The Pine Hill Haints
Title: Smoke

The Pine Hill Haints come with another honest platter of original Alabama Ghost Country Music... this record was recorded in Muscle Shoals, another chapter to the wayward but legendary music scene there, a soul town, a dead souls town, with a fiddle in hand, a skateboard ready to thrash the empty streets... with 9 albums, each telling the story of life and death, each a sacrament and testimonial that has been perfected over the years playing to the forgotten and downtrodden in punk houses, warehouses, fish fries, barn dances, dead end bars... Self released and sold in the down low out of the back of the van, the haints continue to write and perform in this dark age.

1.1 Blue Halloween
1.2 Death of a Buffalo Girl
1.3 I'll Ramble
1.4 The Cols Last Mardi Gras
1.5 The Full Moon Waltz
1.6 Pea Ridge Blues
1.7 When Cowboys Roamed the Western Plains
1.8 The Girl from Shiloh
1.9 The Cold Blue Hours of the Night
1.10 Buffalo Girl
1.11 The Mystic Order of Bones
1.12 Witching Hour Blues
1.13 Rusty Vans Move West

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