The Pioneers: Long Shot / Battle Of The Giants

The Pioneers: Long Shot / Battle Of The Giants
Title: Long Shot / Battle Of The Giants
Label: Doctor Bird

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from the reggae legends. Among the first reggae hits to pierce the UK pop chart in 1969, 'Long Shot Kick de Bucket' made global stars of The Pioneers and led to Trojan Records swiftly releasing the trio's Long Shot LP, towards the close of the year. The album became a best-seller for the company, with the group's popularity in the UK prompting a follow-up collection, Battle Of The Giants, which hit the record shops the following year. Now, both of these popular Leslie Kong-produced LPs are brought together to form the basis of this collection, with the Battle Of The Giants set making it's CD debut. And with the release further bolstered by seven rare and previously unissued bonus tracks, this collection not only gathers the very best of The Pioneers' recordings for noted Jamaican producer, Leslie Kong, it also features some of the most popular recordings from the boss reggae era.

1.1 Long Shot Kick de Bucket
1.2 Caranapo
1.3 Black Bud
1.4 Long Up Your Mouth
1.5 Bring Him Come
1.6 Mother Ritty
1.7 Poor Rameses
1.8 Samfie Man
1.9 Belly Gut
1.10 Lucky Side
1.11 Trouble Dey a Bush
1.12 Boss Festival
1.13 Money Day
1.14 Consider Me
1.15 Driven Back
1.16 Gorgeous and Marvellous
1.17 Now You Are Gone
1.18 Battle of the Giants
1.19 Slip Away
1.20 Cherie Cherie
1.21 Simmer Down Quashie
1.22 Twice Around the Daffodils
1.23 Mally Mally
1.24 Easy Come, Easy Go (Rock Steady Version)
1.25 Pee Pee Cluck Cluck
1.26 Mettle (Aka Mickle)
1.27 Just Enough (To Keep Me Hangin' on)
1.28 Cha la la, I Need You
1.29 Get Ready
1.30 Easy Come, Easy Go (Reggae Version)

The Pioneers: Long Shot / Battle Of The Giants

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